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Glass Door Sliding Set - G105 (BSLD-G105)
Per Set Price: 22000.00
Glass Door Sliding Set
BSLD-G105-1-4 Pcs, BSLD-G105-2-4 Pcs, BSLD-G105-3-4 Pcs, BSLD-G105-4-2 Pcs, BSLD-G105-5-1 Pcs, BSLD-G105-6-2 Pcs
Size of Pipe: 30x10mm, Type: 90 Degree
Material: Casting 304, Finish: PSS
Load Capacity: 60Kg
* Rectangle Pipe to be purchased separately (BSLD-G101RP-30)
* Handle to be purchased separately (BGSH-05-SS)
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